Introducing Skullpture Mount

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Fargo Forum - August 19, 2011

Visitors to the McLean Frames shop here will soon find something new on display.

Delmere McLean, who operates the store with his wife, Kris, calls it “skullpture,” a melding of art and taxidermy that McLean said is already creating a buzz.

“The interest in this has been almost overwhelming,” he said.

What sets his creations apart, McLean said, is the way he attaches skulls to a molded-plastic base he designed himself, a bond so tenacious it has so far proven unbreakable.

McLean, who has a patent pending on his skull-to-base bonding process, clads the finished product in bronze or nickel plating, adding to the durability of the piece while helping it cross – in McLean’s words – from the world of taxidermy into the realm of art.

“It moves it out of the den and the man cave, so to speak, and into the living room,” he said.